Part-time tuition is only 10% of the cost of full-time tuition

This enhances opportunities for individuals in genuine need of expanding their knowledge and enables them to attain degrees from Swiss, British, and French universities.

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Experience academic excellence through an accredited program.

The program holds accreditation from Ofqual UK.Gov and is acknowledged by our partner universities. Our partner universities will grant degrees.

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Optimize career prospects upon completion of your studies.

The dual degree program, with mutual recognition from two or more partner universities, empowers learners to maximize opportunities for career growth and advancement.

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Learning without limits, anytime, anywhere.

Our distinctive online training system allows students to tailor their program to their unique schedules, thus finding the perfect balance between study and work.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Dual Degree) with multiple majors available


Master of Business Administration (Dual Degree) with multiple majors available


Doctor of Business Administration (Dual Degree) with multiple majors available

Experience our top-tier eLearning platform exclusively designed for business programs

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Securing dual degrees from accredited universities was a pivotal moment in my professional journey. The validation of a robust education from esteemed institutions has added immense credibility to my profile.

James Anderson,

Financial Consultant

Earning dual degrees from accredited universities has been a significant achievement in my career. The knowledge and skills acquired from both programs have provided a comprehensive understanding of my field.

Laura Adams,

Project Manager

The flexibility to study at my own pace while accessing a wealth of knowledge has been invaluable for my professional development. Highly recommend BizSchool UK for anyone seeking a superior eLearning experience.

Mark Roberts,

Business Analyst

BizSchool UK's eLearning models are truly exceptional. The platform is user-friendly and provides an immersive learning experience. The interactive modules, real-world case studies, and multimedia resources make learning engaging and effective.

Sarah Mitchell,

HR Manager

The accessible cost allowed me to invest in my education without breaking the bank and it's remarkable how BizSchool UK maintains affordability without compromising on academic excellence.

Peter Johnson,


The program comprehensively covered essential business principles that have proven instrumental in my day-to-day role. I am immensely grateful for the strong foundation this diploma provided for my career.

Michael Davis,

Sales Coordinator

The program's hands-on learning and interactive sessions provided invaluable insights and tools that have propelled my professional growth. I highly recommend this diploma for anyone looking to advance in the world of business administration.

Lisa Thompson,

Operations Manager

Embarking on the DBA journey was a defining moment in my career. It has truly transformed my approach to leadership and strategy, propelling me forward in the business world.

David Smith,

Chief Executive Officer

My journey through the MBA program at BizSchool UK was a transformative experience. It sharpened my critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills, propelling me to my current role as a Senior Financial Analyst.

John Anderson,

Senior Financial Analyst

The BBA program at BizSchool UK equipped me with the skills and knowledge essential for my role as a Marketing Coordinator. The comprehensive curriculum and supportive professors were instrumental in my career growth.

Sarah Johnson,

Marketing Coordinator

Apply for your course:

Begin by selecting a course that aligns with your educational and professional objectives. Consider your interests, career goals, and desired specialization.

Study full online modules:

Once enrolled, engage with the course material which comprises modules designed to impart knowledge and skills relevant to the chosen field. Study diligently and thoroughly to grasp the concepts and key insights.

Complete assessments:

Throughout the course, you'll undergo assessments, which may include online multiple-choice tests to evaluate your understanding and written assignments to assess your critical thinking and application of the knowledge acquired.

Earn credits and receive certificates:

As you progress through the course and successfully complete assessments, you'll accumulate credits. These credits validate your learning and contribute to your academic record. Additionally, upon fulfilling the course requirements, you'll receive a certificate of completion, affirming your dedication and accomplishment in the chosen subject area.

Progress to Top-up Degrees:

For individuals aspiring to advance their education and elevate their credentials, previously earned credits can be utilized towards obtaining a subsequent BBA, MBA, or DBA degree. In each of these programs, you will be expected to complete a final project tailored to the specific requirements of the respective degree.

University partners


Swiss School of Apprenticeships


APEL.Q (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Qualifications)


Horizons University


University of Information Technology and Management

United Kingdom

London Examination Board

United Kingdom

London Academy of Sciences


Institut Brittany d’Enseignement Supérieur


Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management und Innovation


Swiss Information and Management Institute


VERN University of Applied Sciences

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